Set a rampart about me mind, O my Saviour, for I make bold to sing the praises of Thy most-pure Mother, the rampart of the world. Establish me firmly within the fortress of my words and make me strong within the defenses of my thoughts: for Thou dost promise to fulfill the petitions of those that entreat Three with faith. Endue me with a tongue and ready speech, and with thoughts that are without shame; for every fight of enlightenment is set down from Three, O guiding Light, Who dwelt within her ever-virgin womb.

-Oikos for the Dormition of the Theotokos

20190814_173716The little Theotokos is from Jerusalem, a gift from a dear friend.

May the Mother of God be with us all!

An incredible documentary by director Dinu Cristian: utterly inspiring and spiritually encouraging! You can watch the whole thing below.

Hat tip to the article that brought it – and the Orthodox Christian Film Festival, Byzanfest – to my attention!

You can read the whole article here: Byzanfest: The World’s First Online Orthodox Christian Short Film Festival on pravmir.com