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This little book, a novelette to be precise, is my newest publication. I am happy to present it to you, now available for purchase!

Out of the African Lands: The Story of St. Perpetua and Her Companions

by Constantina R. Palmer



      In the African provinces of the Roman Empire conversion to the Christian faith is punishable by death. This does not stop Perpetua and her companions, however, from seeking entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven even if living for Christ means having to die for Him.

      Out of the African Lands is a historical fiction novelette and chronicles the arrest, imprisonment and death of Perpetua and her five companions Felicity, Saturus, Saturnius, Revocatus and Secundulus. Receiving freedom from their sins through baptism while imprisoned, the martyrs shine with the light of Christ, instructing us in word and deed how a person not only lives as a Christian by dies as one.
Print$6.95 + sh&h (USD) / $7.95 + sh&h (CAD)
E-book$2.99 (USD)
For Canadians wishing to order copies shipped within Canada please contact me directly at wiserthantheworld (at) gmail (dot) com
Order your copy here today!


Do you struggle to find suitable books for your teens and pre-teens?  Perhaps even for yourself?  Lumination Press titles are well-crafted works of fiction deeply rooted in the Orthodox Christian mindset of  life in Christ, presented to today’s world.

Lumination Press publishes works of fiction which reflect the mystery and miracle of a world filled with the light of Orthodoxy: a world in which passions rage, miracles abound, blood is shed and kingdoms are won. Such a world comes alive in Lumination Press stories not to distract us from the cruel reality of this world but rather to reveal the spiritual reality that is all around us, if only we have the eyes to see it.

Acknowledging the notable scarcity of Orthodox fiction, Lumination Press hopes to fill that need with quality works. With a focus on youth and the youthful at heart, Lumination Press offers a variety of stories of spiritual struggle and victory for the whole family.

More from Lumination Press:

light guardian

The Light Guardian: Beginnings  

by Fr Matthew Penney


     Moisi, a troubled man with a troubled past, seeks desolate places for self-imposed punishment … and revenge. What he discovers in his rocky exile is not only the enemy he is pursuing , but a deeper darkness that seeks to consume him. The only question is … will he choose to fight? In this mature Young Adult fantasy novelette, the world of the spiritual warfare–normally invisible to us–is brought vividly to life. In Moisi’s world the struggle against the passions and the presence of the dark forces of evil can be all too real. But there is the opportunity to discover, along with Moisi, where the path to victory truly lies.
Print: $5.95 + sh&h (USD) / $6.95 + sh&h (CAD)
E-book: $2.49 (USD)
Target Audience: Ages 15+
Order your copy here today!

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