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By a mistake a post was scheduled for this morning instead of after the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord. So, look for your little ‘present’ next week!

We’ve almost arrived at the Lord’s Holy Nativity; I wish you all good preparation for the next few days!

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christmas voyageIn anticipation of the Feast of the Nativity we at Lumination Press are offering two giveaways: a paperback and an e-book copy of Voyage to the Rock by Fr Matthew Penney.

For a chance to win a copy of this amazing young adult novel share the following link to the book’s website http://voyagetotherock.webs.com/ on any social media site and comment to let us know you’ve done so, or reblog this post on your personal weblog.

The winners will be selected and announced next Friday, November 28, so, check back to see if you’ve won!


About Voyage to the Rock:

“To be like St. Herman of Alaska!” These words – only a family joke once, were now turning Martin’s world upside down. Catapulted from his ideal teenage existence in Boston to Newfoundland, Canada – a place affectionately called “The Rock” by its inhabitants, he doesn’t want anything to do with his father’s missionary dreams. Accompanied by his parents and his all-too-perky younger sister, a dismal summer of hard work and early mornings is all that awaits Martin. Or so he thinks…

But all that changes the day he finds a bronze cross at the site of the historic Viking settlement, L’Anse aux Meadows. A whole new world opens to Martin then, one of trans-Atlantic voyages, unanswered clues, suspicious antique-dealers, narrow escapes, mysterious deaths, and at the center of it all is an  ancient cross and a manuscript poem.

A burning question begins his search: Is the cross Viking, or could it be from the fabled voyage of St. Brendan the Navigator?

Now with the help of his sister, Brigid, and a local Newfoundland boy, Ashley, the three of them race to unlock the mystery of an ancient Christian treasure. But with the Old Wolf, Sullivan O’Connell hunting them, it isn’t just about treasure anymore… It’s about survival.

Check out the book’s website voyagetotherock.webs.com to separate the Fact from the Fiction!

Regular Prices:


$12.95 + sh&h (USD)

$13.85 + sh&h (CAD)


$7.99 (USD)

nativity-iconAlso, we’re happy to announce Lumination Press’


20% Discount on Print and E-book copies of VOYAGE TO THE ROCK

Order yours in time for the Nativity of our Lord!

So even if you don’t win a copy in this giveaway you can still get a copy – or two or three! – for yourself or your loved ones at 20% off! Whether your teen reads it stretched out on the couch or you read it aloud as a family in front of the fire, it makes a wonderful Christmas gift for the whole family!

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Head over to Adventures of an Orthodox Mom and enter to win a copy of Voyage to the Rock published by Lumination Press!!!

Christ is Risen!

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lumination press2 Christ is Risen!

Along with the release of Lumination Press’ debut novel Voyage to the Rock, we are happy to announce the official launch of the Lumination Press website.

Go check it out! http://luminationpress.webs.com/

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At Cape Spear (the most easterly point of North America).


voyage to the rock

Christ is Risen!

Matushka Constantina: I’m here overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Spear, the most easterly point of all of North America, with my brother Father Matthew Penney, the author of the new Young Adult novel Voyage to the Rock. The wind is blowing roughly and we can see a large ship approaching St. John’s harbour.

Father Matthew: Thanks, Matushka. It’s a pleasure to be here with you on the Rock and to be doing this interview.

celtic 2Matushka: Can you tell us what Voyage to the Rock is about?

Father M: This book is about the struggles of Martin – a teenager from Boston – to come to grips with his family’s move to a small city in Newfoundland, Canada, while they pursue his father’s missionary dreams of starting an Orthodox church. Through a series of events Martin discovers that what he first took to be a boring place in the middle of nowhere has a lot more adventure waiting for him than he could ever have dreamed of. After finding an ancient Christian artifact, he is led, along with his sister and a friend, on a quest to find its origins. There are Viking and Irish trans-atlantic voyages, mysterious clues, dangerous chases, and all this with the backdrop of the rich history and wild natural beauty of the massive island fittingly termed, ‘The Rock’. Let’s just say some unexpected saints make their way into it all as well – though not in the way you might imagine.celtic 3Matushka: Who is your target audience?

Father M: The target audience for this book is Young Adult (well, let’s say upper middle grade to YA) – really anyone from 12 and up. But I think anyone from any age can enjoy the read because there’s just so many interesting historical facts mixed with the different mysteries and clues that need to be solved. But more particularly, this book is definitely targeted toward an Orthodox audience, and this is really what I had in mind when deciding to write it. I wanted Orthodox young people to be able to be excited about some of their history and their faith – especially for those of us in North America, so that we could see some of the amazing connections we have in our history to early Christians and saints. As well, it has a bit of the lives of the saints mingled within it. For that reason I think Orthodox people could really benefit from this story, but also anyone interested in early Christian contact with North America. I’d like to add, this is also intended for anyone who loves a good mystery/adventure story in general.celtic 1Matushka: What was your inspiration for writing Voyage to the Rock?

Father M: Interestingly enough, I actually conceived of the story itself in a moment of nostalgia we might say, while sitting on my sixth-storey balcony in Thessaloniki. It was one of those rare days of cool, blustery winds and clear skies after a summer rain storm the previous evening. I was looking out and able to see the blue waters of the sea in the distance and couldn’t help but be reminded of the winds of Newfoundland and the rough natural beauty that exists there, and I started thinking about the Viking voyages and Irish voyages across the great Atlantic. And so the story was born you might say.celtic 2Matushka: Our dad is from Newfoundland, did your own personal experiences influence your writing?

Father M: Yes, definitely. Having been to Corner Brook – which is where dad’s side of our family is from – many times in my life, my experiences there formed the backdrop for the story. The places and the amazing natural beauty and historic sites really gave me the inspiration for this kind of story of travel and adventure, not to mention all the local color of the place with the accents of the people and the interesting Newfoundland culture. I thought it made for a real interesting setting. And our heritage on mom’s side also played into it, funny enough. We’re of Irish descent on her side, and so we always heard stories growing up about St. Brendan the Navigator, about St. Patrick, about many of these different Irish figures, and especially any sort of connections that her family could make for us living in Canada. That’s why it was very natural for me to write a story melding these two worlds – of Ireland and Newfoundland, especially since historically, many speculate that they did actually meld.celtic 3Matushka: What do you hope young people will take away from your adventure novel?

Father M: First of all, just on the light side of things, that they could enjoy a good read, something they could put themselves into, be a bit excited about, and be entertained by. But on a deeper level I was hoping they would be able to learn more about our Orthodox roots here in North America because all of the Christians who lived before the Schism were Orthodox Christians. Those that were in the Church, were all Orthodox together, and that includes the early Irish – and in particular the early Irish, really, when we see the kind of spiritual practices and monasticism that they had; we can see just how closely we of the Orthodox Church today are with those early Irish. And so that was particularly significant. But also with the Vikings, they were also Orthodox Christians. And so I wanted all of us to learn a bit about this history.

On top of that, there is sort of a story within the story. The life of a saint is actually woven throughout the book and Martin’s own journey mirrors this in many ways. In that sense, I thought it might be an interesting way for young people to learn more about our tradition and our faith in a context that might not be as intimidating or as daunting as picking up a volume of the Lives of the Saints.

celtic 1Matushka: Do you plan on writing a sequel or sequels to Voyage to the Rock?

Father M: Yes, actually. The day I conceived of Voyage to the Rock, the seeds of two sequels were also germinating in my head. At the present time, I am working on the first of these sequels. It will actually take place in Ireland, and so it will be an extension of Voyage to the Rock. So yes, people can look forward to this – not in the immediate future maybe, but in the future – to more adventures with Martin and Brigid and Ashley.

celtic 2Matushka: Where can people buy the book?

Father M: Right now people can buy the book on my website for the novel called voyagetotherock.webs.com . If you go there, you can go to the Order page and easily buy the book there. It is in two formats: the print format and the e-book. For the print version make sure you click on the button either for the U.S. or Canada since the prices are a little different depending on where you’re shipping to and the exchange rates. I should also point out, as followers of your blog will know, they can also find access to the book’s website directly through your blog, and this as the first publication of the new Lumination Press will shortly be available through Lumination Press website which should be launched later this week or next.

lumination press lamp

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Advance Orders of VOYAGE TO THE ROCK are now available! 

Order your own copy TODAY @ voyagetotherock.webs.com

*E-Books can be ordered today, BUT you will not receive the download until April 21st, Bright Monday, the official release date!

The prices are:

Print Versions: orders to the U.S.  – $12.95 + sh&h (USD)

                        orders to Canada – $13.85 + sh&h (CAD)

E-book: $7.99

*for bulk orders please contact Father Matthew on his website here.

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On this Holy Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God we wanted to introduce our family endeavour to publish Orthodox fiction:

Lumination Press Write-up_card(1) 

Upcoming publications from Lumination Press:

Voyage to the Rock, a YA adventure novel by Fr Matthew Penney (visit the Voyage to the Rock website here)

voyage to the rock

Out of the African Lands: The Story of Saint Perpetua and Her Companions, a historical fiction novelette by Constantina R. Palmer

e-book cover(a pre-release cover design)

lumination press lamp

“Let us make ready our lamps, shining out with brightness and true faith”

-Saint Romanos the Melodist

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